Air Blowers & Exhausters

Hoffman & Lamson has been manufacturing reliable air blowers and exhausters for well over a century. While the brands HOFFMAN and LAMSON are under the Gardner Denver name, we offer a comprehensive line of HOFFMAN blowers and LAMSON blowers to fit your operational demands.

Used in general industrial and wastewater treatment applications, Hoffman & Lamson offers various types of blowers/exhausters such as multistage centrifugal, fabricated, high speed, and regenerative. We also offer a wide range of re-manufactured centrifugal blowers and exhausters available for immediate shipment, built to the same standards as new blowers.

The working principle of a centrifugal blower is based on a wheel sitting inside the inlet of a blower: Air is drawn into the inlet, passes through the wheel, and is then sent at 90 degrees out through the discharge.

Need performance plus proven reliability? You need Hoffman & Lamson.